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We have had dozens of queries recently where new and experienced teachers wanted to understand the various routes to becoming a qualified teacher in the UK, before they commit to starting a course with us. In response, I have created this video to explain the different options available to you.

It's always worth spending 30 to 40 minutes into such an important step in your life that can massively improve your profile and your earning potential. So do watch this video; you may skip steps that you find are not relevant to you.

This is the course page that has further information including FAQs relating to the course.

If you still have any further questions, please drop an email to For any technical or advanced queries, please send an email to We will appreciate if you leave some reviews in the comments section below, so that we can improve this page and perhaps even create new such videos for you.

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3 comments on “Different routes to be a qualified teacher in the UK

  1. Thanks so much for awesome information. You help me to open my window to understand more clearly, how I could get in to be a teacher.

  2. This has been the most informative information i have had and seen.
    for 4 months i have sent a vast amount of emails asking for information with each response returned inconclusive of what i ask. Today, i have learnt being full time covering PPA twice weekly along with numerous interventions in a primary will in fact get me my L5 DET. And that to gain QTLS i’d need 4hrs working with 14+ why couldn’t someone just tell me that when i asked? So thank you so much. At 48 i thought my chances of reaching this were slim…. now i’m excited that before i’m 50 il finally ( hopefully) gain QT status. you’ve made my day… thanks

  3. Your video was very informative and interesting. It has made my decision clear that I want to complete the level 5 DET Course and I now understand it’s worth.

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